Flat Whites & Pavlovas

I lucked out to score an award ticket on Delta from Los Angeles to Melbourne right before Christmas. So I thought to myself, “What the hell?” — I booked the ticket. Then I found another award flight from Sydney to Singapore in their Suites class right before New Years and I got the rest of […]

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Eating through 台灣

夜市. Night Markets. The eponymous Taiwanese street markets with glitzy lights, noisy hawkers shouting and wonderful aromas of fried chicken and 臭豆腐 (Stinky Tofu). You cannot go to Taiwan without going to a Night Market (or 2… or 7…). Night markets are found in virtually every major city (and many smaller cities) in Taiwan and […]

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Experiencing Hygge in Copenhagen

You’re probably thinking, “What the heck is Hygge?” You’re probably also thinking, “How the hell do I even pronounce Hygge?” Well, it is something quintessentially Danish, but is something everyone experiences at least one point in their lifetime. When it comes to a similar word in English, there really is no direct translation of this word, […]

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The Adventure Begins.

So here I am on a Thursday night writing a blog post, after a long day at work and going to the gym, and have Troye Sivan’s latest album playing in the background. I have been kicking myself to get this started since I have returned back from Spain earlier this month. Let’s get this […]

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